Bell Nutrition and Fitness - Healthy Living Through The Ages

Boot Camp

Location: Monday / Wednesday  Evenings       
                     In front of  Fall Creek Elementary School

                Thursday/ Wednesday / Thursday mornings
                Under pavillon behind Fall Creek tennis courts

                Saturday Morning
                Fall Creek Tennis Courts

Times:  Monday      7:30 pm
            Tuesday       8:15 am
            Wednesday  8:15 am and 7:30 pm
            Thursday      8:15 am 
             Saturday      7:00 am

Equipment needed:       Jump rope
                                     5-15 lbs hand weights for women 
                                     10 - 25 lbs hand weights for men
                                     Yoga mat

Cost:              $10 per session or $50 a month

For all fitness levels.  All exercises can be modified to your fitness level.

Come and Join US!          

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