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Managing the Yo-Yo

There are so many diets out there that they will all help you lose weight, but a lot of the time you  have a hard time keeping it off.  When you eliminate food groups or types of foods you will lose weight, because you are no longer eating them and it limits your options.  The thing you need to remember is that you need to find something that you can stick with for the rest of your life.  A lot of people can stick with it for the short term but then in the long term it is just to hard, to depriving or very restrictive.

Buzz Word Diets

All the rage are the "clean", "detox" or gluten free diets.  Which the concepts of the diets are  great, reducing the amount of wheat or processed foods is a great idea.  These healthy eating concepts have been pushed for years.  It is important to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day, with the ultimate goal to be 9.  Reducing or eliminating processed foods is also important, which a lot of wheat products are processed.  But the important thing that most people forget or do not realize is just because something is "clean" or gluten free does not mean it is calorie free.  A lot of times these items have the same amount or more calories then the original revision.  Everything has portion sizes and you should consider the portion sizes and what that portion size is when deciding what to eat, because when it comes down to it in the end, it is all about how many calories you ultimately consume and burn in a day.  Just because a cupcake is "clean" does not mean you eat two of them or a cookie is gluten free you can eat 10 of them.  The thing we all need to remember to stay healthy and lose weight is to eat more fruits and vegetables; eat less processed foods; choose healthy fats and proteins and move more!


I just cringe when I see a child over the age of 12 months drinking from a bottle. 

There are so many reasons that it is wrong for a child over 12 months to be drinking from a bottle.  For one it can delay a child's speech,  it has to do with how the   tongue comes around the nipple of  the bottle in order to suck from it.  This cause the child not to know how to place there tongue flat in order to produce certain sounds.  

Another reason it is bad is because it can interfere with how the child's teeth come in, especially if  the child is going to bed with the bottle.

Flatter ABS in a month!

Step 1  Drink At least 100 oz of water per day- This will help make you feel fuller through out the day and help reduce the feeling of hunger.  A lot of time we mistake hunger for thirst, so drinking water may squash the need to eat something.  It also helps with your metabolism, your body needs water to perform many of the processes to function correctly.  Your body will also hold on to water more if it is dehydrated making you feel bloated and weigh more.  

Step 2  Eating Monounsaturated fats

Let Them Starve?

I aways have parents afraid to make new and healthy things for their children to eat.  It is a natural instinct for us to provide our children the most nutritious meals for them grow and thrive, but when they won't eat it we are concerned that it will harm them.  We worry about them starving to death and so in the end we break down and give them something that they will eat.  The onethingthat as a parent we always need to remember is that it is our job is to provide them with the most nutritious meals that we can and
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