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Why am I not losing weight

I get some many clients who are frustrated with not losing any weight.  There about 10 top reasons why you are not losing weight.  

1.  Skipping meals.  Just because you skip meals you think you will take in less calories and lose weight.  It does not really work that way though.  When you skip meals your metabolism lowers and in the end you gain weight.  Also, later you will probably overeat because you are so hungry.  

2.  Drinking too many of your calories.  Between sodas, juices, alcohol and even "healthy" shakes.  You have to remember they count!  The only time I recommend that you drink your calories is when it is a meal or snack replacement.  Juices for one are typically just sugar, which causes an insulin response and in the end cause a crash and you are hungry again.  As for alcohol, a lot times when you drink it lowers your inhibitions and you end up eating things that you would never had before and the way our bodies process alcohol it is typically stored away as fat not used for energy.  If you plan on drinking alcohol, alternate each glass with water and add tonic or sparkling water to the drink to water down the calories.  Last but not least,  shakes may have lots of vitamins and minerals, however you have to remember they are meal replacements not in addition to the meals.  

3.  Not taking in enough calcium and vitamin D.  Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that you can get from the sun.  Vitamin D helps prevent the parathyroid from dysfunctioning.  The parathyroid produces hormones that control the thyroid and calcium functions.  It is not well know why calcium helps but the theories are that it stops fat from being stored away.  

4. Not drinking enough water.  Drinking water makes you feel fuller and you ate less calories.  A lot of times people think they are hungry, but in reality you are thirsty.  So keeping hydrated will prevent you from eating when you are not hungry.  When you drink a lot a water it acts as a diuretic.  The more water you drink the less your body holds onto and the less you feel bloated and the less you way.

5.  Treating yourself too often.  We all deserve a treat once in a while, but not everyday.  If you do not ever allow yourself to eat some of the foods you love, but you need to remember that you can not allow yourself to have them all the time.

6.  Not taking in enough protein. You have to have protein with every meal and snack.  It will help you feel fuller for a longer period of time.  It also slows down how fast your body breaks down the food and therefore controls the insulin reaction, in turn helping with weight loss.

7.  Not exercising consistently or hard enough.  Studies have shown that in order to lose weight you have to exercise at least 5 times a week for 60 minutes or 30 minutes 6 times a week at a very high intensity.  

8.  Too many cheat days.  Everyone should set a side one day a week to eat without guilt within reason.  Does not mean to eat a whole pizza, 10 dough nuts and a whole chocolate cake in one day.  

9.  Not enough sleep.  Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep affects your weight.  When you do not get enough sleep it affects your hormones.  The thought is that your leptin levels (the hormone that indicates fullness) is driven down lower, so you never get full.  

10. Not taking in enough calories.  We are all have a resting metabolic rate, that is the calories that you burn just staying alive.  If amount of calories you consume is less then 200 calories below that then it lowers your metabolism.  So you have to account for exercise when you are figuring how many calories you should eat per day.  So typically I would never recommend that you eat less then 1200 calories per day.  

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