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clean diet, gluten free diets, losing weight

Buzz Word Diets

All the rage are the "clean", "detox" or gluten free diets.  Which the concepts of the diets are  great, reducing the amount of wheat or processed foods is a great idea.  These healthy eating concepts have been pushed for years.  It is important to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day, with the ultimate goal to be 9.  Reducing or eliminating processed foods is also important, which a lot of wheat products are processed.  But the important thing that most people forget or do not realize is just because something is "clean" or gluten free does not mean it is calorie free.  A lot of times these items have the same amount or more calories then the original revision.  Everything has portion sizes and you should consider the portion sizes and what that portion size is when deciding what to eat, because when it comes down to it in the end, it is all about how many calories you ultimately consume and burn in a day.  Just because a cupcake is "clean" does not mean you eat two of them or a cookie is gluten free you can eat 10 of them.  The thing we all need to remember to stay healthy and lose weight is to eat more fruits and vegetables; eat less processed foods; choose healthy fats and proteins and move more!
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