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Controlling Calorie Intake During The Holidays
Why you may not be successful with maintaining weight
Protein, carbohydrates and fat
Throw the scale away
Can you lose inches without losing weight


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Controlling Calorie Intake During The Holidays

Some tips to controlling calorie intake during the holidays

Bring a healthy dish
Remember it is a social event, so socialize don't look at it as an eating event
Set the table as a buffet style not family style, if you have to get up to get more you are less likely to get up and get it
Fill your plate with the vegetables first and then go back for the rest after, you are less likely to eat a lot of the starches and meats
Use smaller plates

Why you may not be successful with maintaining weight

Protein, carbohydrates and fat

Things to know about protein, fat and carbohydrates


It is used to build muscle and repair cells.
If over consumed it can not be stored.
If over consumed it is turned to a sugar, if they can not be used as energy then stored as fat.
There are essential and non essential proteins.  
Foods that provide protein are rated by who they match our protein make up (high biological value)
Eggs are consider the highest value with meats behind that.  


As much as they have been villainized over the years, they are vital part of your diet.

Throw the scale away

The scale does not lie, oh but it does.  It makes me so frustrated when I hear clients or even friends say that the have been watching what they eat and exercising and have not lost any weight.  So they are going to take some pill or do some diet that cost $400 or $500 a month.  The thing about your weight on the scale is it is irrelevant.  In my practice, I am weigh my clients once in awhile or not at all.  Your weight depends on many different things, it could be the time of the day, day of the week, time of year, hormones, water retention or medications.

Can you lose inches without losing weight

Yes you can.  Many factors go into what you weigh on a scale.  Your weight can fluctuate about 5 pounds in any given day.  So many people complain that they have been working out, but have not seen any change on the scale.  That is very normal.  Muscle weighs about 3 times what fat does.  So if you are a person who never exercised before and did not have very much muscle mass in the beginning.  When muscle replaces fat when you work out the muscle will be more compact but weigh the same as the fat did.  So it is very possible to lose inches without losing weight.  However, after 3 to 6 month, depending on your diet,  you will start seeing the change in the scale because the rate at which you are building muscle and losing fat changes.  The muscle you have built has become so much more metabolically active you will burn so much calories that you are losing more fat.  So to me it is more about how your clothes are fitting and not what you weigh on a scale.  

Finding your balance in healthy living

One thing that most people do not understand about weight control is that you need to find a balance in life.  Taking care of yourself is part of your job.  If you do not feel good and have any energy, you are unable to perform your work or take care of others.  

Part of controlling your weight is physical activity.  The American Heart Association recommends for heart health 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity 5 times a week or 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity 3 times a week, along with 2 days of moderate to vigorous strength training per week.

Why am I not losing weight

I get some many clients who are frustrated with not losing any weight.  There about 10 top reasons why you are not losing weight.  

1.  Skipping meals.  Just because you skip meals you think you will take in less calories and lose weight.  It does not really work that way though.  When you skip meals your metabolism lowers and in the end you gain weight.  Also, later you will probably overeat because you are so hungry.  

2.  Drinking too many of your calories.
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